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About Equinix Labs

Equinix Labs offers workshops, proof of concepts, and tools for exploring and bootstrapping Equinix digital infrastructure including Fabric, Metal, and Network Edge.

About the workshop

Welcome to the second workshop in our Equinix Fabric Cloud Router and Pulumi series, where we delve deeper into the realm of multicloud connectivity. In this workshop, we'll continue our exploration of Pulumi's capabilities, showcasing its flexibility and extensibility across multiple clouds and languages.

The goals of this workshop are:

  • Swift Multicloud Connection Setup: We'll demonstrate how to rapidly establish a secure and efficient connection between Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Equinix Fabric Cloud Router.
  • Utilizing Custom Pulumi Components: You'll learn how to implement custom Pulumi Component Resources to enhance the functionality of cloud providers and streamline deployment workflows.
  • Scalable Infrastructure Deployment: We'll emphasize the scalability and reusability of Pulumi resources, enabling you to seamlessly extend your infrastructure across diverse cloud environments.
  • Real-world Application: Through hands-on examples, we'll showcase the practical application of Pulumi and Equinix Fabric in addressing real-world multicloud connectivity challenges.

This workshop will be structured into several sections, each focusing on a specific aspect of configuring and deploying multicloud connections with Equinix Fabric Cloud Router and Pulumi. We'll provide detailed explanations, code snippets, and practical demonstrations to ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Workshop agenda

This workshop is split into four parts:

Part Title Duration
1 Setup 15 minutes
2 Fabric connection to AWS 15 minutes
3 Direct Connect configuration 10 minutes
4 Configuring Direct Connect to AWS VPC 10 minutes
5 Configuring BGP in Equinix Fabric 10 minutes
6 Deploying VM Instances in Both Clouds 10 minutes
7 Configuration and Provisioning 10 minutes
8 Testing Connectivity between GCP and AWS Instances 10 minutes
9 Conclusion 5 minutes